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🅢🅗🅔🅑🅐 🅢🅞🅐🅟(ሼባ ሰሙና)… sheba soap is an ethiopian brand manufactured by etcare company (mr.matios meba manufacturing company. it is composed of many useful ingredients like , … 🧚‍♂️palm oil … 🧚‍♂️coconut oil … 🧚‍♂️Olive 🫒 fruit oil … 🧚‍♂️soybean oil … 🧚‍♂️sunflower seed oil … 🧚‍♂️Shea butter … 🧚‍♂️caster oil seed … 🧚‍♂️activated bamboo charcoal 🧚‍♂️bentonite clay… ✅It have no any kind of animal products and additional chemicals used for have the highest ranking level according to Iso (89.8 %) * ✅Benefits * … 🎯it removes toxic and unnecessary smell from the body … 🎯solves additional problems from the outside skin. … 🎯improves the elasticity of the skin and many more.