Mini Ultrasonic Turbine Washer
2,900 Br

Mini Ultrasonic Turbine Washer
✔️ቀላል ልብስና እቃዎችን ማጠቢያ መሳሪያ
✔️ቀለል ላለ እጥበት የሚውል
✔️በቀላሉ ሳህንና, ብርጭቆ የሚያጥብ
????Washing model can be adjustable
????Automatic shutdown after working for 30 minutes
????Water-saving and energy-saving, suitable for 1kg (water)
????It is for washing light clothes that require separate cleanings,
such as ties, socks, underwear, and baby clothes. But not suitable for jeans, coats & other heavy clothing
 ???? ዋጋ፦ 2,900 ብር  


  • Category: Home Appliances
  • Item Type: Washing machine/dishwasher
  • Condition: New