Electric Pest Killer
4,900 Br

Electric Pest Killer
It is a Powerful Flying Insect Mosquito Killer Lamp.
This indoor pest catcher lamp could attract bugs,
flies, pests, and other flying insects with 2pcs light bulbs.
The bug control light is equipped with a mesh screen
to protect you and your families, preventing accidental contact with
the electrical grids.
በኤሌክትሪክ የሚሰራ የቢንቢ፣የትንኞች እና የነፍሳት መግደያ
በሚያበሳጩ ነፍሳት ሳይጨነቁ ጊዜዎን ያሳልፉ!
በቀላሉ ተነቀሳቃሽ
Led Double Tube Lamp
Price 4900 ብር