Electric Cotton Candy Maker
6,900 Br

Electric Cotton Candy Maker
Machine, 500Watt capacity candy Maker with
Stainless Steel Bowl, Sugar Scoop and Drawer,
Perfect for Home, Kid’s Birthday, Family Party and more.
በቤትዎ ከልጆቾ፣ከቤተሰቦ እንዲሁም ከጓደኛዎ ጋር የጥጥ ከረሜላ ያጣጥሙ
ቤት ውስጥ ባለው ስኳር የጥጥ ከረሜላ ለምስራት የሚያችል
ለትንንሽ ሱቆችም የሚሆን
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Makes Fresh Cotton Candy everywhere
Price 6900 ብር