Dremel Machine
  • August 21, 2023 9:15 am
  • Addis Ababa
6,900 Br

Dremel Machine – መፈልፈያ ቅርፃቅርፅ መስርያ መሳርያ
Multipurpose Mini-Drill mini Grinder
With more than 80+ Accessories
for wood, metal, aluminium, marble, ceramics etc ..
#Polishing, and
Dremal, engraver, Carving, cutting, sharpening, Sanding
????የፈለጉትን ቅርፃቅርፅ የሚሰሩበት
????Used as Drill, Grinder, Sander, Burush
Vido mini die grinder
Power =185W
Spindel size=3.2mm
Accessories =290pcs
No load speed =8000-3300/min
Price – 6900 Birr
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