Digital Spoon Scale 800gram
1,600 Br

This Digital Spoon Scale up to 800gram
is perfect for measuring out your ingredients, without the fuss of a kitchen scale.
Measure up to 800gram. Ideal tool to weigh butter, flour,
cream, tea leaves or spices during cooking or baking.
ዲጂታል እስክሪን መለኪያ ያለው የማንኪያ ሚዛን
ለላብራቶሪ፣ለቡና፤ለምግብ እንዲሁም ለተለያዩ አገልግሎቶች የሚያገለግል
ሁሉም ቤት ሊኖር የሚገባ
Tea leaves
Medical Materials
Ideal tool to weigh butter, …
Price 1600 ብር